'Would you know how to save a life'?
Full range of courses taught, BLS, EFAW, FAW, Paediatric EFAW, Paediatric FAW and AED/Defib

Prices start at £250 for BLS
£400 for EFAW
£900 for a 3-day FAW
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Understanding roles & responsibilities of Fire Marshalls/Wardens 'Day to Day' and in Fire Emergency Situations. Use of Extinguishers and Fire Safety Equipment

Prices start at £300 for Fire Safety / Warden
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Understanding roles & responsibilities of staff in such Emergency Situations. Recognising the signs of Radicalisation & Extremism, in line with the Governments PREVENT program

Prices start at £300
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Recognising Barriers to Communication and putting in place appropriate methods / process that manage conflict in the work place

Prices start at £300 for Conflict Resolution
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Courses designed to understand the importance of keeping / saving data appropriately, disclosure and the legal requirements of such. This includes preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation

Prices start at £300
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

It's not about treating everybody the same. It's about recognising differences in people and treating them according to their wants and needs. Adapting policy and procedure appropriately

Prices start at £300
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Courses designed for Managers, Supervisors or Staff, highlighting legislation, roles & responsibilities and 'Duty of Care' to maintain a safe working environment for all relevant persons

Prices start at £300 for Health & Safety Awarness
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

How to manage moving of people or inanimate objects in the workplace, 'Duty of Care' and associated risk assessments. Learning how to use ladders safely, both the 'Leaning' and 'Step' types of equipment

Prices start at £250 for Ladder Safety Awareness
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Understanding the 'Use of restrictive physical interventions whilst ensuring that it is both reasonable & proportional to the circumstances, being in the best interests of all parties at all times'

Prices start at £400
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Training courses developed and bespoke to clients individual Wants & Needs. Adults or children, 'One to One' or group sessions

Prices start at £200
(Up to 12 Students / Candidates)

Offering a full range of courses that are tailored towards the Residential, Nursing and Respite Care arena.

Core curriculum and courses developed to meet the ever-changing world of care roles & responsibilities, in line with staff personal development certificates and all related to social caring

Fully Endorsed by 'Skills for Care' and a Champion for 'Dignity in Care'
Autism & ADHD Awareness
Depression Awareness
Dementia Awareness
Understanding Diabetes
Food Safety
Infection Control
Understanding Learning Difficulties
Legionella Awareness
Understanding MCA & DOLS
Medication Awareness
Understanding Mind Health
MUST - Nutrition - Hydration Awareness
Understanding Person Centred Care
Understanding Safeguarding of Adults (SOAAR)
Understanding Safeguarding of Children (SOCAR)
Diabetes, Blindness & Deafness Awareness
Please ask, if there are any other specific courses that are pertinent to your business and in partnership with you I can develop any courses to further meet your requirements

All course prices are negotiable and discounted with loyalty